Friday, 11 November 2011

Wreath remembers Victoria Cross man

Already it is the 11th November again - Armistice Day.  A day for two minutes silence at 11am.

A lot of remembrance wreaths have already been placed, including this one in Blythe Bridge. Somehow, it's very special, as Number 350 is just a very ordinary and quite small terraced house, yet the owner seems proud to have the plaque attached to the front wall, and to allow the wreath to be placed there at this time of year.

Sergeant Ernest Egerton was lucky to have survived his brave actions. Most holders of the Victoria Cross either die in the action or of wounds incurred.

Link: Egerton VC

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  1. Wonderful post for today! The day does not seem as memorable in my country sad. I recall Armistice Day as a time when we sold and wore red paper poppies with a significant stop at 11 am in the classroom when we stood and paused to remember all the soldiers. Doesn't happen anymore; haven't seen a red poppy in decades.