Monday, 14 November 2011

Hall in need of love

I came across Whitehough Hall purely by accident in the middle of nowhere, having got completely lost on a walk around Ipstones, in the Moorlands district (this happens to me a lot).

It was one of those breath-taking moments, being unexpectedly and suddenly faced with this great old building.  It dates to the 17th Century. I really love it.

Someone is doing it up now, as it had lain derelict for a while; but it will be a labour of love, as I can imagine it will be hugely costly to restore it.
Another hall nearby, Sharpecliffe Hall, was in a similar position, but is now flats I believe.


  1. Ah, makes me homesick for these scenes. I know the reality of this mill-cum-house is dark, cold and dank, but when a place like this is snapped on a beautiful blue-sky day, it's hard not to think it's the most warm, cozy and charming abode ever...

  2. My Grandmother and Great-Grandfather used to live here. I have a photograph of them sitting outside. It was a very large family - 14 in total. Dress looks Victorian so my family may have lived here during this period. The family name was Buxton. Would be interesting to learn more about the house and family history.