Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Speaking Polari in Piccadilly

The ‘pink quarter’ in Stoke-on-Trent lies in Piccadilly, in Hanley. A famous gay bar can be found there, as well as other gay-friendly places.
The Polari Lounge (seen here) is the place to meet up. It is a sort of mix of coffee-bar and LGBT advice centre, but is open to anyone, including shoppers and passers-by who fancy an espresso and cake in stylish surroundings. The coffee is pretty good...

Its helpful menu explains that Polari is the name given to the secret language or ‘argot’ used by gay people, circus-people and others up till the 1960s or so. It even outlines some of the vocabulary: thus 'zhoosh' would have meant 'to smarten up'; and 'bonnaroo' would have meant 'very good'…

Link:  Polari Lounge

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