Sunday, 6 November 2011

Church beauty

This quite beautiful stained glass window can be found in St. Peter's Church at Broughton. The church is a gift for people who love churches because – unlike nearly every other old church in the country – it wasn’t ‘modernised’ in the Victorian period.
It’s almost frozen in time, having been built in the 1630s.

But, this window is clearly Victorian, almost pre-Raphaelite in style.  I think it’s terrific even though it’s actually quite small.
Trouble is, I forget what it depicts…


  1. It is very nicely done. I rarely take the printed leaflets in some churches so I too have trouble recalling details like this.

  2. Lovely colours and a gentle feel to it. I hadn't realised what havoc the Victorians wreaked in churches.

  3. I have a copy of the booklet about the history of this church, but it is mysteriously silent on what the window depicts, or who the artist might be. All it says is that the window is in memory of Rosamund, one of the daughters at the nearby Hall who died at just 23 in 1885.

    The lily flower (which the woman is holding) is usually the symbol of the Virgin Mary. However, the scene doesn't resemble any that I know from Mary's story.